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Real People: A Higher Caliber of Officer

We leverage outstanding officers with high-level skill sets in a unique Command Center environment over multiple sites, creating a synergy of outstanding execution and value. This allows your site to have a higher caliber of officer securing your property than normal industry wages would allow with an on-site team.

Specific Property Knowledge Is Key

In addition to personnel with above-average technical and communication skills, our remote monitoring service distinguishes itself with teams are assigned specific properties with which they gain intimate familiarity. With access to the 'comings and goings' around the property 24 x 7, the teams are able to instantly spot out-of-the-ordinary activity.

And no 'blind spots' occur in your security coverage, as breaks are covered by cross-trained personnel.

Supportive Environment Provides Essential Backup

Gone are the days of the lonely third-shift officer trying to maintain a post that has no activity. In our remote monitoring center, our officer teams are managed and supported in a communal setting that allows for the synergy and 'backup' necessary to stay at a constant level of peak performance.

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