cctv security cameraWhile today’s economic climate doesn’t leave much room for unnecessary spending, the need for effective security isn’t going away. That’s where the remote security monitoring offered by Remote Systems Solutions comes in. Read on for answers to the questions that frequently come up in the process of deciding whether to transition to active business security monitoring:

Significantly less than paying for mobile patrols or on-site security. The up-front costs to install remote security monitoring are far less than the salary of even one officer on patrol and once it is in place, you can have world-class global, interactive remote security for less than the cost of a restaurant meal per day.

In short, no. At around $1 per hour, live security camera monitoring bills more than the essentially cost-free passive DVR recording, but there are steep hidden costs to passive monitoring, like false alarms, and yes, property loss. Because with fixed camera angles, a lack of audio and no response until after the fact, passive monitoring may deter crime a little, but active closed circuit television monitoring combined with analytic algorithms to detect motion can stop crime in its tracks. That means by using remote security monitoring your company is likely to actually be SAVING money — along with increasing site safety and convenience.

RSS’s cutting-edge technology includes CCTV monitoring with digital video and audio archives, analytic motion detection, and interactive audio and access control capabilities to not only provide a best-practice level of security, but do so at a fraction of the price of traditional security services. Our highly-trained security officers evaluate real-time alerts to provide the best possible level of response. Sometimes the appropriate response is to call law enforcement; sometimes it’s as simple as remotely allowing a tenant with a missing keycard through the gate.

It can! And it can also complement existing on-site security. Some of our clients have replaced on-site security with remote monitoring during low-traffic times, opting to maintain on-site security during high traffic intervals. Return-on-investment figures project remote security installations pay for themselves within six months of partially replacing on-site staff and within three months of a full staff replacement. And because we select the most capable and well-trained security officers to staff our CCTV monitoring centers, your costs decrease with no loss of service. In fact, you may actually find an INCREASE in service as traditional report writing gives way to digitally verified access transactions with real-time access to all the monitoring data associated with your site.

Very nicely. Because we tailor security systems to address the unique needs of each business, the challenge of adding new security components to existing security infrastructures is actually an opportunity to create an optimal system for your company. Whether you combine remote monitoring with on-site security or with more passive measures such as keycard entries, adding value with RSS means operational procedures specifically designed for your site.

RSS goes beyond simple loss prevention with virtual escorts, surveillance tours and verifiable access transactions. Our security officers can accept packages, handle guests and avert false alarms. They are, in short, there to assist your clients and staff every step of the way even as they fulfill their primary functions of ensuring safety and averting property loss and damage.

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