Passive monitoring and key card entries cost almost nothing once they’re set up — unless you look at the costs of having a minimal — and minimally effective — security system.

With an additional small investment, however, businesses like yours can leverage an exponential increase in site security through live security camera monitoring that records and analyzes audio and video for a real time threat response. Once the system is in place, false alarms — frequently an expensive occurrence — are a thing of the past. Instead, highly trained officers in the CCTV monitoring center assess alarms in real time to determine if a response is necessary.

Because an off-site security team is monitoring business sites at all times, clients also enjoy the convenience of remote package acceptance and assistance for guests and tenants who have forgotten their cards.

And while passive monitoring can tell a limited story — often without audio — after an incident, remote security monitoring is there to act in real time, allowing law enforcement officers to deal with events at the best possible moment — as they occur.

Freelance journalist Erica Ryberg has been writing business blogs, narrative articles, life hacks, and social commentary since 2003. Website | Portfolio | Blog

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