Remote Security Solutions provides the best value for your business

Real Value: Save up to 75 Percent Over Traditional Security


Now you do not have to choose between a passive security solution, such as access control systems, or expensive on-site personnel. The value of the RSS services is that you can receive a surpassing caliber of on-site security services for a surprisingly affordable price point.

Affordable Security Options For Properties That Don't Have An On-Site Security Presence

(But Wish They Did)

The environments suited to Remote Security Solutions' new enhanced security include:

  • office and corporate property
  • industrial centers
  • institutional facilities (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • multi-story residential condominiums
  • gated residential communities


By leveraging a world-class security team over multiple client sites, we offer meaningful security at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site officers. What this means is uncommon cost reduction and the reality of security for sites that earlier could not have justified traditional security costs.

This enhanced security system can be a complement to existing physical security, or can function as an alternative. And in many cases, your existing technology can smoothly integrate with the new technology.

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