As companies look for ways to cut costs in the economic downturn, on-site security measures often end up on the chopping block, with costly implications for loss control, safety and reporting. Fortunately, even as budget concerns drive change, technological advances in live security camera monitoring are making it possible to not only maintain but INCREASE security levels — at a fraction of the cost.

The advances allow for off-site services that offer real-time response capabilities for as little as a $1 per hour — compared to the typical $12 per hour for an on-site security professional. Remote security monitoring also takes the subjectivity out of reporting, with digital video and audio recording that goes beyond the handwritten reports to provide a highly interactive security process with real time access available to clients.

The analytic technology built into our CCTV monitoring centers allows the security team to monitor digitally documented access transactions, including visitor sign-ins. That same technology makes it possible to offer virtual escorts through public address systems and incident response via remote dispatch.

Remote Systems Solutions’ business security monitoring is flexible enough to integrate into existing systems, and because members of the off-site security team are typically more highly trained than their onsite counterparts, the only thing missing from this cost-effective, 21st-century approach to security is the handshake.

Freelance journalist Erica Ryberg has been writing business blogs, narrative articles, life hacks, and social commentary since 2003. Website | Portfolio | Blog

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