In today’s business world, costs of services are not going down, nor are the corporate expectations for those services.

Corporate physical security services are especially impacted by this trend. In fact, these services are being called upon to deliver ever higher levels of results in the “Post 9/11” world that business operates in today.

Whether the security challenge comes from ‘shrinkage’, due to internal theft, or the often ill-defined external threats of the world, to date the solutions available to corporate America have not been able to avoid the inevitable element of increased costs.

Varied Security Challenges

Today’s security challenge for corporate America generally includes one or more of the following issues:

    Reducing security budgets at the site level
  • Adding new security components to existing security infrastructures
  • Protecting high-value assets at low-activity sites
  • Replacing aging technologies

Traditional security solutions do not provide the flexibility to deliver both expanded coverage AND cost-savings, or more rarely achievable ‘cost-avoidance’.

RSS represents a NEW PARADIGM in security — an approach to corporate security that delivers cost-effective solutions while continuing to deliver the high level of security required by corporate America.

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