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As companies and individuals look for cost effective ways to protect employees and assets, it is easy to see why remote video monitoring is becoming more and more popular.

According to a new report from IMS Research, remote video monitoring is forecast to be the fastest growing service within the remote monitoring market. The remote video monitoring services market was worth nearly $250 million across the Americas in 2009, and is continuing to experience impressive growth as the global economy recovers and technology improves.

It was six years ago that we saw some of the first “all inclusive” software providing a comprehensive, multi-location video monitoring platform with audio capabilities. This could provide a safe way to “remotely” patrol a property and interact with on site activities but was limited by the fact that someone had to be looking at the live video at the exact time an incident was occurring. Almost all of the cameras were analog, being stored on DVRs that were limited by the size of the hard drives, and requiring a significant and costly amount of bandwidth to access the data remotely. Though camera motion detection worked well in controlled environments, the amount of false alarms it generated caused it to fall short in providing a good security solution to outdoor locations.

Today, the cost of bandwidth has gone down and reliability has gone up. With NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, video systems no longer have to be limited by their storage capabilities and, with the newest advances in megapixel and IP cameras, the detail within video is exploding by leaps and bounds. The progression of video analytics has revolutionized not only the efficiency of true, real-time, video alarms but has brought forth new alarming capabilities. You can now receive alarms for how many people are in a camera view, how fast an object is moving through the video, and if an object is moving in a wrong direction.

Remote Systems Solutions has been at the forefront of these developments, working with innovators to test and demonstrate how well these systems work. In order to work at the highest possible standard, we have transitioned to using monitoring software with an integrated database and comprehensive reporting capabilities. We are also currently set to beta-test the only “Full megapixel analytics” camera on the market in late summer 2010. All of these new innovations will continue to drive forward the ability to provide a reliable, cost effective, real-time security solution to any location, allowing Remote Systems Solutions to be the proven leader in remote monitoring services.

Louis Calderon is the Director of Information Technology at Thorpe Enterprises, an Atlanta, GA company which provides Security Services to corporations and property management companies throughout the Southeast United States. | Website

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