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WatchMan: Proactive - Interactive - Security

  We are proud to introduce WatchMan: our new brand for remote security systems and services. Our exclusive brand will serve to identify our line of services in the marketplace and will be a key component to our Dealer Partner Program, which is already underway!

Real Security: All the Benefits of On-Site Security

The functionality of an on-site officer with the enhancement of increased knowledge through enhanced, accessible data. This is not simply passive access control or recorded video, but a highly interactive, real-time security process conducted by a world class security team.

Real Time: Immediate Assistance Anytime

Your employees and visitors can now have immediate assistance anytime.Verifiable access transactions, 'virtual escorts', and other forms of assistance are readily available through our system.

Real People: A Higher Caliber of Officer

We leverage outstanding officers with high-level skill sets in a unique Command Center environment over multiple sites, creating a synergy of outstanding execution and value. This allows your site to have a higher caliber of officer securing your property than normal industry wages would allow with an on-site team.

What Makes Us Unique?

Remote Security Solutions is leading the way with a new paradigm in security solutions: a unique interactive monitoring service that brings a whole new dimension to traditional security services.

Interactive Intrusion Detection

Frontpage Image Analytic devices detect persons or vehicles as they enter your premises - before problems occur.

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Verifiable Access Transactions

Frontpage Image Our '24 x 7' monitoring officers provide building access only after verifying credentials and authorization.

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Surveillance Tours & 'Virtual Escorts'

Frontpage Image Your employees and visitors can now have immediate assistance anytime.


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